Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hope is the oxygen of the soul

When it comes to managing an illness, like any other big task in life, HOPE is the energy and you will need to power up your engines, day to day and moment to moment. Hope is the oxygen of the soul.

When we have hope it gives us the ability to keep moving forward, even when we don't want to - or when we feel stuck in a place that seems to have finally worn us down to nothing. When medical bills are piling up bigger than the mailbox can hold, when prescription costs keep rising, as you battle with insurance companies about denials or shrinking coverage, when yet another diagnostic setback occurs, as well as dealing with the basic day-to-day survival issues you may have,....

...try to hang on to some hope, even if it is the most teenie tiny spark of hope. It energizes us mentally, physically, and spiritually. don't give up hope. Even when you feel overwhelmed, keep at least a little fire of hope burning so it can once again burn as a fire in your heart and soul.

-William July

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