Monday, April 18, 2011

Paralysis of the Spirit

Deep depression and high anxiety can feel like paralysis of the spirit. When you're deeply depressed you don't want to go anywhere, do anything, feel hopeless, and you can feel numb to even the things that normally give you great joy. When you are feeling highly anxious, you can feel emotinally off balance, afraid, and small things become seemingly huge and insurmountable problems that you feel are all stacked up in a way that sweeps over you like a tsunami.

Sometimes you can shake it off and sometimes you can't. When you can't it's time to call upon people who love you and inspire you. If that's not possible, or not working, perhaps it's time for a psychotherapist to help you navigate your way back out of the dark. Don't let depression and anxiety shroud you like a wet blanket because they have a way of gaining momentum and pulling you into a downward spiral. No matter what troubles you, there is a pathway back to feeling better. Reach out for a helping hand.



  1. I like this article because so many times as a Christian, we get the message that if you "just give it to God," then all will be healed and right. While prayers do help and at times I feel His Holy strength, there are times when I know the depression seems to be from a chemical or hormonal inbalance...? I've finally learned that just as you might pray over a broken bone, you would still go to the hospital or get professional medical treatment to mend properly. I think chronic depression is like any other serious illness or injury, and it's not only okay to seek professional help but vital that we do so. This does not lesson our faith or belief in God's miracles.

  2. Love your site. Thanks for telling me about it! Mary Jo Rapini