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Chronic Healing: Clean Air and Water Fortify Us From Seasonal Allergens & Toxins

Chronic Healing: Clean Air & Water Fortify Us From Seasonal Allergens & Toxins
As our South Texas Spring rolls quickly into summer, the yellow dusty residue of pollen seems to be everywhere; on the outside of our windows, our entry porch & steps, and especially on our car (even though my husband washes it several time a week). For those of us dealing with one or more chronic illnesses, the extra burden of allergens can weigh heavily on our health. Additionally, as the temperatures start to soar, so does the ozone exposure.  
We are not completely at the mercy of Mother Nature though as there are things we can do around our home that can provide us with extra support through the coming months.
If you live where there is a lot of sun and heat, and in a highly populated area with heavy traffic on the freeways, you are likely to have more exposure to ozone's.  Air Now is a great Internet site to put on your desktop or in your "favorites" file because it will give you an up-to-date reading of both the ozone's and the allergen count in your area. Just click on the site above and then, type in your zip code at the top of the page. A map for your area will show current Air Quality Index (AQI) on a map as well as provide a count (number) for allergen particles and ozone's with color coding. Green -anything under 50 is "good air quality," whereas, yellow - over 50 but not over 100, indicates some problems for people who are extremely sensitive (that would be me and many people with compromised immune systems from chronic illness). The counts and warnings then go on to orange and red - which can affect people not typically sensitive to allergens and/or ozone's. Obviously, if the readings are close to, or over 100, I try to stay inside during the worst of it (ozone's are almost always worse during the hotter part of the day, and allergens may be less prominent in evening and early morning).
In addition to being aware of the outside conditions there are also some things you can do to keep your indoor environment healthier - here are just a few ideas:
1) Make sure your windows and doors are sealed well. Our 100 year old house has it's original windows and they allow a lot of outdoor air in as the seals are virtually non-existent. Since they are so old and fragile, we cannot put new sealing around them, but we discovered a great product to help keep the hot air AND the BAD air out, in 3M Window Insulator film. This is NOT solar window film typically used to minimize the sun's rays as it actually goes over both the window and the window frame and is inexpensive and easy to apply.  For more information on this product go to:
2) Another great investment for improving indoor air and reducing allergens is The Vollara "Classic" Air  Machine.  About 15 years ago, I wrote an article about air purifiers for the home and after weeks of research, found this machine which eliminates bad ozone's and allergens (and even dust mites). It is by far, the best machine I found on the market for cleaning up to 1500 square feet of air. It is a bit of an investment but considering the job it does and how long it lasts (and the fact that it does not require filter replacements - you just wash the one it comes with about once per month), it is the best deal around. If I place a vase of fresh flowers anywhere near it, they will last twice as long as they typically do without the air machine!  I became a representative just so I could get the products at a reduced rate for my family and friends. To see more on the "Classic" Air Purifier, go to my page and click on products and then click on "air," and scroll down page. If you, or a loved one decide to get one, contact me as I can order it for you and get the $75.00 off. It will also will quickly remove any toxins in the air from cigarette smoke to paint fumes (even smoke from a fire - our toaster oven  ;-)  Breathing in air that’s free of irritants and toxins is incredibly healthful!
3) Drinking and bathing with clean water is also an essential part of boosting our immune system's ability to withstand seasonal heat, allergens, and ozone's. There are a number of really good water purifiers on the market - I prefer the kind that has the ionizing feature. We also purchase Mountain Valley Spring Water in the glass containers whenever possible, and I typically drink between 95 and 110 ounces per day (allotted out over a 14 to 16 hour day). The recommended amount for the average person is about 70 oz. per day but those of us battling chronic illness typically need more as we are more prone to dehydration from both medical conditions and medications. I take several types of allergy medicine and several prescriptions that are sodium based, so I compensate with an extra 25 to 40 ounces. (I do count decaffeinated teas and coffees and clear natural juices in this daily intake).
Water and air are referenced throughout the Bible and in many religious texts as being associated with life, healing, and health, but no matter what your beliefs; breathing healthy air and, hydrating your body with clean water will fortify you to cope better with the extra burden of allergens and toxins that often accompany the Spring and Summer Seasons. 
The following is a great drink I created to hydrate the body and keep cool on hot days.
Super Hydrating/Cleansing Summer Cocktail:
2-3 oz. Organic Aloe Vera Juice
2 Oz. Organic Cranberry Juice
2 Oz. Organic pure lemon juice
2 Oz. organic pineapple OR orange juice
2 Oz. organic apple juice Or Pomegranate Juice
1 tsp. organic maple syrup and/OR
1 packet pure Stevia (natural sweetener)
Stir together and serve chilled. For an extra “kick” and immune booster, you can add 2 oz. liquid from slowly simmering organic ginger pieces in purified water, OR, 2 oz. “Maine Root” Ginger Brew. Delicious and so good to your health!

Cry Some, Laugh More, Pray Often ~ Jamey Lacy July

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